Replace Brake Pads / Sensor Rear for X3 (E83)

Parts and fluids included in this package:

Original BMW brake pads assure optimized brake performance. These long-lasting pads provide distinguished braking results regardless of prevailing conditions. Even in extremely cold or wet weather Original BMW brake pads perform precisely. The brake lining recipe is exactly matched to the brake disc and is naturally asbestos free. They also keep brakes from rubbing and squeaking and reduce fading, the tendency of braking power to weaken at high temperatures. In combination with Original BMW brake discs, these brake pads also offer the most precise match to the brake discs installed and for optimal functionality in key control systems such as the Antilock Braking System (ABS) and the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). 

Starting at$247.72* for X3 6 cylinder models

Work performed in this package:

  • Replacement of brake pads of both rear disc brakes.
  • Replacement of brake pad sensor. 
  • Includes cleaning both sides of brake calipers.
  • Remove and reinstall wheel, and tighten bolts to specified torque.
Replacement of the rear brake pad is performed by expert technicians at your local dealer for a precision fit and optimal performance. * This offer is valid only for BMW X3 Series (E83) (built from 2004-2010).
Prices include parts and labor. Fluids as well as taxes may be additional. 


Brake Service Warning Signs

There are several potential indicators that may signal something wrong with your vehicle's brake system and its general functionality. If you notice any of the following warning signs, don't hesitate to reach out and connect with our service team about scheduling an appointment:


Sounds that include loud screeching or metallic scratching can signify potential brake system wear and warrant a trip into our Lake Bluff BMW service center.

Struggle to Stop

If your brakes prove unresponsive when pressing the pedal, then you need to immediately schedule a brake inspection with our team and halt plans for future trips.

Braking Delay

Does it take you a longer period to reach a complete halt? Delays in braking can prove dangerous for both you, other drivers and surrounding pedestrians. If you notice this issue, we strongly recommend consulting our certified mechanics.

Recommended Brake Maintenance Cycle

While brake servicing can differ depending on the vehicle you operate, area you drive in and other commuting lifestyle factors, we generally recommend maintaining a regular brake inspection period. A general rule of thumb is 12,000 miles to schedule your next inspection, but it's advisable to consult your owner's manual and connect with our service team directly to arrange an inspection schedule that works best for you.

Factory-Trained Brake Service Inspections

We recommend relying upon the professional technicians inside our service center for future brake maintenance and inspection needs. Our team is factory-trained for OEM-approved quality of customer service, utilizing diagnostics to identify issues with brake pads, fluid and the overall system when conducting detailed inspections. A devotion to meticulous care is what distinguishes these maintenance and repair experiences from other service offerings.

Brake Fluid - What you Need to Know

Fresh fluid supports the functionality and general condition of your vehicle's brake system. When the time comes to replenish, our certified mechanics can ensure the passageways are cleared out before replacing with manufacturer-approved fluids to offer seamless protection through precision-based service.

Schedule a Brake Inspection in Lake Bluff, IL Today

Our BMW certified mechanics look forward to checking in on your car's comprehensive service needs and the current condition of your vehicle's brake system. Please give us a call today to schedule a brake inspection or repair service. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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