Here at Karl Knauz BMW, your local BMW dealership, we want our customers to know about the benefits of the BMW Value Service* program. This program provides you with competitive pricing on a variety of services, from oil changes to brake pad replacements to thorough inspections and everything in between. So why take your BMW anywhere else for servicing? You can contact our team at Karl Knauz BMW, for more information on the BMW Value Service program. We cannot wait to help you save time and money!

How To Tell If Your Vehicle Needs An Oil Change

Getting oil changes on a regular basis is an important part of vehicle maintenance. When you do receive regular oil changes, not only will your vehicle thank you, but you can ensure the performance of your vehicle will be up to par. If you're not sure whether or not it's time for an oil change, here are some factors that might indicate your oil needs to be changed:

Oil Level and Color

You can check the oil level and color yourself. All you have to do us use a dipstick to check your vehicle's engine oil level and examine the color of the oil. If the level is low or the oil is a deep brown or black color, then it's time to change your oil.


Conventional oil usually requires a 3,000-mile change interval, while synthetic oil can last up to a 6,000-mile change interval. You can always contact our service center or take a look inside your vehicle's owner manual to determine your vehicle's oil change interval.

Rough Engine Idle or Loud Noises

When your oil is clean, it provides a thin barrier between your engine's parts, keeping it quiet. If your oil is starting to break down, it won't lubricate as well, so you may hear some loud noises coming from your engine.

Ticking Sound

If you hear a ticking sound when starting your vehicle, that may be your vehicle telling you it's time for an oil change. That noise may be coming from valves trying to move the oil effectively.

Oil Types

Depending on your vehicle and driving styles, there are different types and grades of oil. For instance, if you drive a newer BMW sedan, coupe, or SUV, it will most likely require synthetic engine oil. But we also have many types of oil available if you do not drive a BMW model, including conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil.


Once of the wonderful things about synthetic oil is you can drive more mileage between oil changes. Although it is a little more expensive than other oils, you won't have to change your oil as often. We' would say that's a win-win.

Why Change Your Oil Regularly?

You know you need to get your oil changed regularly, but why? Although synthetic oils usually last longer when compared to conventional oil, both types of oil require regularly scheduled changes to ensure your vehicle performs in excellent condition.


Since oil if the lifeline of your vehicle, regularly changed oil is a preventative against engine deterioration. Plus, by improving lubrication, clean oil can provide you with better mpg so that you can spend less time at the gas pump. In addition, regular oil changes can also extend the life of your engine.

Improve Your Vehicle's Longevity with an Oil Change Today

Our service center is open convenient hours, so you can find a time that works out for your schedule. If you have any additional questions about the importance of oil changes, feel free to reach out to our service center today.

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