The Importance of Tire Service

Vehicles these days, especially those from luxury brands like BMW, have so many advanced safety technologies. While we know they're great additions, we don't want people to forget something as seemingly simple as the tires. They have an important job of maneuvering and stopping, and proper tire care goes a long way with helping you stay safe. Below are some common tire issues and tire services we can perform. 

Balding Tire Tread

When you first get tires they have nice, deep tread, but over time that starts to decrease as you go on errands and trips with your BMW. Less tread means less traction, and that can be especially dangerous when it's raining or snowing out. You can keep an eye on your tire tread by using a penny to measure the depth, and our service technicians will always do a tire tread check when you come in for upkeep or maintenance. 

Tire Cupping

As the name suggests, you can tell if you're having this issue if it looks like there are shallow little scoops on your tires. This can happen for two reasons. The first is that your shocks need repair or replacement, as they're causing the tires to literally bounce and create pits when they hit the pavement. The second reason has to do with low-quality tires. While buying tires for a BMW is no inexpensive task, we strongly discourage going with bargain basement tires, as they won't last as long or provide the performance your BMW deserves. 

Changing Seasons

Illinois winters aren't for the faint of heart, and to help keep you, your passengers, and your luxury vehicle safe, you should purchase a good set of winter tires. The tread depth and patterns are meant for snow and slush, and the rubber composition on a winter tire is made for the cooler temps. Once the warmer, snow-free weather returns, we can put your all-seasons or performance tires back on! 

Uneven Wear

As we mentioned earlier, BMW tires do have their associated costs. To help lengthen the life of your tires we'll perform regular tire rotations to help the tires wear evenly, as uneven wear is a natural part of a tire's life. The front and back tires wear differently and rotating them regularly keeps it in check.

Four-wheel Tire Alignments

If you've ever driven on a straightaway and noticed your vehicle heading to one side or another then it's a sign that you need to get your alignment checked. While it might seem like a mild inconvenience, leaving your vehicle out of alignment can mess with your tire wear, fuel efficiency, and put strain on other components. Another time you might want to come in for an alignment check is if you've hit a bad pothole in your BMW. 

Tire Rotations

Look at your tires and you'll notice that the ones out front probably have more wear on the outside edges than the rear tires. During a tire rotation service our technicians will move the front tires to the back and sometimes even swap sides, if necessary. Tire rotations typically happen around 5,000 to 7,000 miles. If you have excessive wear on your tires, they'll also check to see if your alignment is a factor and correct that if necessary. 

New Tires

All the steps above can help lengthen the life of your tires, but there'll come a day when you must order a new set. With so many options to choose from, our parts center team can help you purchase the right tires for your specific BMW model and your driving habits. Our excellent knowledge along tire specials and rebates from top brands help set us apart from the competition. 

Schedule a Tire Alignment Service in Lake Bluff, IL Today

Have our factory-trained service technicians check in on the alignment of your vehicle's tires and address other maintenance needs by scheduling a service appointment here at Karl Knauz BMW and contacting our team with any questions you come up with. We look forward to delivering peace of mind on your behalf with this professional service experience.

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