In these challenging times, communication is important; as is action ... So, we want to make sure this message goes out to the entire company and to our community.

Let's acknowledge the searing pain our country has experienced these past few weeks, and sadly, for many decades now. We recognize the frustration, anger, sorrow, and grief caused by intolerance, injustice, blatant racism, and other forms of bias and prejudice. It is wrong. It must end.

We know people, including many among us at Knauz, who have been directly affected by these wrongs, and have suffered personal tragedies as well.

We call on all of us to show solidarity with the movement against inequality, racism, and social intolerance;

We call on all of us to search our hearts and minds in deep reflection and commit to taking action.

Therefore, in the coming weeks and months, the Knauz Automotive Group will reach out to local elected officials, community leaders, charitable organizations and others to begin a constructive dialogue. We will listen to these communities; and we will strive to learn better ways to assist in providing solutions that will drive long-term progress toward a better tomorrow. 

Together, we will continue the work against injustice, reject racism, and fight for equality in every way we can. Together, we will help to strengthen us as a community.

Be kind. Be compassionate. We need each other. The "Golden Rule" applies more today than ever before.