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Packed with power normally reserved for the track, M generates performance unlike anything else. And after four decades of delivering hair-raising thrills, it's still pushing the limits. But don't just take our word for it. Grip the wheel of any of our 8 M models-from coupes to convertibles to Sports Activity Vehicle® - and elevate your adrenaline rushes to a whole new level.

It all started on the track in 1972. What began as a division for BMW's racing teams quickly grew to become an incredible passion for many BMW enthusiasts. Its on-track success spurred the world's most coveted high-performance vehicles: the original M1, the iconic E30 M3, and most recently, the intensely thrilling M2.




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As the newest addition to the M lineup, nothing defines the legacy of legendary performance better than the first-ever BMW M2 Coupe. With four decades of high performance in its DNA, it continues to push the limits even further - delivering a perfected formula of chassis balance, steering response, and power-to-weight ratio. In short, it's everything that makes BMW the Ultimate Driving Machine.

The M2 wasn't made to take it easy. Fitted with the same lightweight aluminum suspension as the M4, along with race-bred compound brakes and BMW's legendary Active M Differential - it begs to be driven.


The legend

MSRP Starting at $64,000

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The early M3 promise was total concept balance. This rendition goes back to an inline 6-updated with two TwinPower turbochargers-to shave weight while delivering 406 lb-ft of torque, a full 111 lb-ft over the previous version.

Since its inception, the BMW M3 has embodied the very soul of motorsport. This icon continues to redefine the limits of performance with unprecedented precision and awe-inspiring grip to provide dynamic responsiveness that pushes the boundaries of technological perfection.

THe M4 Faimly


Coupe starting at $66,200

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With carefully engineered Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic components, incredibly precise handling, and exclusive M colors like Yas Marina Blue and Austin Yellow, the BMW M4-available as a Coupe or a Convertible-is a true evolution of the M concept

The M4 pushes every component to the next level. This cornering king's real crown is its rear-axle subframe with solid mounts, bolted directly to the body without the use of bushings to make for the tightest possible handling, and its control arms-made of aluminum-shed weight, even where you can't see it.


Available in Convertible and Gran Coupe

Gran Coupe Starting at $119,800

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560 horsepower drive the M6 Gran Coupe and Convertible. Combine that with luxurious details so unique they beg for closer inspection, and you can make no mistake-the M6 is a powerhouse, but it's designed to feel palatial

The M6 features a beautiful quad-bank exhaust that brings a powerful, sporting look to its back end. And while innovations in the engine effectively cut emissions, the exhaust still adds performance presence with a potent bass-driven engine sound that packs a deep punch.

x5 m

BMW’s largest Sports Activity Vehicle® with the extraordinary performance of M.

Starting at $100,700

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The 4.4 liter V8 boasts 567 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful engine ever developed for a BMW Sports Activity Vehicle®. Better yet, its brutish power is paired with sophisticated engineering feats, like M TwinPower Turbo and Valvetronic technologies, to deliver a shockingly fast 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds.

The BMW X5 M is an undeniable force. Its powerful design commands respect, while a thunderous V8 works with the all-terrain capability of the xDrive all-wheel drive system to give you track-level performance on all roads.

X6 M

Starting At $104,100

With its thrilling power and bold styling, the BMW X6 M truly is unlike anything else on the road

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Its athletic, coupe-like stance is achieved thanks to details like wide rear tires. Although they do give the BMW X6 M a sportier look, the rear tires also help improve traction as well as lateral and directional stability, whereas the front tires focus on steering precision while still putting power down. Additionally, it comes with standard 21-inch light-alloy wheels wrapped in non-run-flat Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

With 567 ferocious horses, you'll soar to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Unsurprisingly, this V-8 is the most powerful engine ever developed for an all-wheel drive BMW. And it's been engineered with unique auditory indicators-so you'll hear a distinctive growl when the engine shifts through its gears.

The BMW X6 M is a Sports Activity Coupe® wrapped in the powerful body of M. Its bold looks defy all conventions, while its responsive handling combined with the all-weather capability of xDrive, BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive system lets you lay it all out on any road-with a whole lot of pavement hugging traction.