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    BMW Lease Return Information

    Lease-End Guide and Options

    The Road Ahead

    If you are currently leasing through BMW Financial Services, you may have questions about what to expect at the end of your lease.  This guide provides you with an explanation of lease-end options,the procedures to follow at vehicle turn-in, and examples of what we consider "acceptable wear and use."

    With three months to go before your current lease ends, you have several exciting choices in front of you. 

    The four routes represent your four choices.  The route you travel next depends entirely upon what you plan on doing with your current BMW.  Review the choices that you have and pick the best option for you.

    Should you have any questions, please call your BMW Financial Services Lease-End Relationship Consultant at 1-800-959-4BMW.
    Your Lease End Options and Financing 

    Select your next BMW

    Order your next BMW from the factory.
    Pick your favorite from your local BMW center's new-vehicle inventory.
    Acquire a Certified Pre-Owned BMW 
    Arrange Financing - Lease through BMW Financial Services or Finance through BMW Financial Services.

    Important Note:
    If you choose to lease or finance a custom-ordered BMW, we will be happy to extend the lease on your current vehicle up to six months until your new BMW arrives. (Not available to OwnersChoice customers.) Keep in mind that if your next vehicle is a BMW leased or purchased through BMW Financial Services the end-of-lease disposition fee on your current vehicle and the security deposit on your new vehicle is waived.

    Keeping your current BMW

    Make arrangements to keep driving your current BMW.
    Re-lease through BMW Financial Services
    Purchase your vehicle outright with financing options though BMW Financial Services

    Should you wish to purchase the vehicle that you are currently driving, you may do so by paying the residual value* shown on your original lease agreement.  You can choose to either finance the total amount due with BMW Financial Services, or simply send us a cashier's check or certified funds to pay it off.

    For assistance, please call a Lease-End Relationship Consultant at 1-800-959-4BMW (4269).

    *Other fees may apply

    Re-lease your current BMW

    If you want to keep your BMW a while longer, BMW Financial Services can arrange a short-term re-lease (12 to 24 months). Please call your BMW center or your Lease-End Relationship Consultant to discuss the length of your new lease and the re-lease payment amount. (Not available for OwnersChoice customers.)

    Return your BMW

    Notify BMW Financial Services
    Have your vehicle inspected.  View PDF's that give you details about having your vehicle inspected by BMW or by an Independent third party inspector
    Make any necessary repairs
    Turn in your Vehicle
    If you are an OwnersChoice customer, you may sell your vehicle back to BMW Financial Services. If you choose this option, you will be responsible for the same vehicle turn-in process as our lease customers, so please refer to Vehicle Turn-In Process for complete details.

    Lease Return Introduction

    Lease Return- The Ding-O-Meter

    Lease Return - Door Dings

    Lease Return - Interior

    Lease Return - Maintenance

    Lease Return - Windshield and Glass

    Lease Return- Tires and Wheels

    Lease Return- The Final Steps